About Me


I’m the writer and programmer behind A House of Many Doors, a narrative-heavy exploration RPG about weird cities and unlikely gods. It met with critical and commercial success, which I can only attribute to the fact that it’s the first game on Steam which allows you to romance an oil rig.

Having finally completed that ridiculous 400,000-word sprawl of a game, I’m currently focused on freelance games writing. I’ve written extensively for Failbetter Games over the past few months – I wrote The Pursuit of Moths (an Exceptional Friends subscription story) for Fallen London, and I’ve written two ports (only one of which has released) for their extraordinary follow-up to Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies.

I’m open to any additional writing work that you may have – I love to bring what I’ve learned about games narratives to bear in an exciting project. If you’re interested in hiring me to add spiders to your game, please use the link above. (Please note: I can modify the number of spiders for a small extra fee, but I can never guarantee that I’ve got rid of them all.)


Critical Praise for A House of Many Doors

“[A House of Many Doors is] a formidable writing achievement – I mean that both in terms of volume and in terms of crafting a world in which the reader/player can luxuriate.”
— Rock Paper Shotgun

“Stellar, evocative writing.”
— Ars Technica

“Honestly has the best writing, storytelling and characters of any game I played in the past 5 years…”
“A literary treat like few others.”
“A magnificent experience.”
“Tuffs’ writing is by turns evocative, grotesque, and surreal, portraying his patchwork world in a manner that never feels cumbersome to read.”
“I want to dream like this.”
— Reviewers on the Steam forums