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Fallen London

Contributing Writer

Fallen London is a free, browser-based, literary RPG from Failbetter Games, set in an alternative Victorian London that was stolen by bats. I have written 8 Exceptional Friends subscriber-stories (The Pursuit of Moths, The Heretic of Hollow Street, Tauroktonos, The Ballad of Johnny Croak, The Icarian Cup, The Thing That Came In From The Fog, Adornment and The Queen of the Elephants). I also wrote and designed the three-part finale to Light Fingers: one of the game's four Ambitions, a hugely anticipated climax to a complex storyline that was almost a decade in the making.



Fallen London blends Lovecraftian monsters with the eloquence of Poe and a dark sense of wit that's entirely unique to the game world.


I'm constantly amazed at how great the writing is, how imaginative the world is, and the size of the whole thing; you can, and probably will, get lost in the labyrinth that is Fallen London.


Packed beyond reason with personality, charm, and horrifying monstrosities.

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